Barbara Karel
16 Dec 2021

Voicing the audio tour for Star Wars Identities, The Worldwide Exhibition.

Dreaming of the ultimate assignment…Which voice over or freelancer doesn’t do that? I am also a dreamer, but I prefer to call it “being ambitious.” ‘Voice over to the max’ is my credo, of course, and for a good reason. I was born to do this job. Can’t even stop when I’m in my kitchen (I mean, my recording studio). Compare it to a cook who wants to become a top chef, an artist who wants to perform on the main stage of the Glastonbury festival, a mountaineer who wants to climb Mount Everest…. I get a serious adrenaline rush from voicing an exciting project, and I always shoot for the stars: the perfect voice over.

I like to be successful in my work. I’m not talking about making a lot of money, but successful in the sense of being an expert and professional in the field of voicing, and being well-known for that. I want to master all the tricks of the trade so I can execute all kinds of assignments perfectly and always guarantee a top-notch result. The moment I was hired for a very unique and professional production, it felt like I had reached that next level.

One of my most special assignments to date, has been the recording of the Star Wars Identities Exhibition.

It’s a traveling worldwide expo with only original Star Wars pieces that were all used in the movies. You will see Chewbakka costumes, Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon, Troopers, Darth Vader… They are all there in real life. This exclusive exhibition travelled the whole world and when it landed in the Netherlands I was asked to voice the audio tour.

It was such an honor…  getting into the studio with the director of the exhibition who flew in from Canada to direct me in a Star Wars-worthy way. It turned out to be a fantastic day in which I took a new and exciting path under professional guidance. Magic happened, and the team was just as enthusiastic as I was after our intensive day of working together. The director, the Dutch producers, me…we were tired, but we all had a big smiles on our faces. 

Of course I went to the official opening of the Star Wars Identities Worldwide Exhibition. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It’s kinda awkward to listen to yourself while walking around between those massive and impressive props, but it turned out to be a great experience.

The interactive expo was beautifully constructed and really impressive. I was surprised at how well the audio tour became an integral part of the whole exhibition. It all came together seamlessly, and I felt I was truly walking around in outer space. So yes, it made me really proud.

Telling stories big or small, is my passion and my life. I just can’t get enough of it. And special projects like this make my ‘voice over heartbeat’  even stronger.

RIP Mr. Jeremy Bulloch, it was lovely to meet you.

Cheers, Barbara!