Barbara Karel
16 Dec 2021

Don’t know which voice talent to book? Request a voice sample!

Are you stuck in the production puzzle? Sometimes it can be difficult to decide in advance whether the voice talent you want to book is the perfect match. If you already know which voice actor you want, but you can’t determine the exact tone of voice, I suggest you request a voice sample.

Let’s say you are in the middle of your production. You have a beautiful mood board, a script with the first outlines, or even a rough edit of the video. However, you are not sure which voice would be the best fit. And boy, there are so many voices to choose from…

What you can do in that case, is have your three preferred voices record a custom demo, or ask the voice talent of your choice to record a few samples in different tones of voice.

It’s simple. Send a short text to the voice talent (like the first three lines of your script), and request a custom demo. Perhaps you already have some suggestions in terms of tone of voice. For example ‘enthusiastic, smooth,’ or ‘informative.’ Maybe you don’t know which way you want to go yet, that’s okay too. A professional voice talent has so much experience that you can pick his or her brain about which tone of voice is appropriate for your production.

Usually, a professional voice talent will quickly send you an audio sample with a number of different takes at no cost to you. At least, that’s how I operate. 

This is a free service, which I hope will result in interesting assignments. And should the project go to someone else, no hard feelings. The benefit to you is that you can very quickly hear whether the voice talent has what it takes. The benefit to me is that when you book me after having listened to my sample, I know exactly what tone of voice you’re looking for. You happy, me happy… it’s a win-win!

Are you a voice talent getting ready for a cool project but you’re not so sure about the right tonality? That happens sometimes. Why not send a sample with three different options to the customer, ask for their honest feedback and take it from there. Then you know for sure you will nail the perfect tone of voice when recording the whole script.

Good luck! And if you happen to be a potential client, request that free sample here.

Cheers, Barbara