Barbara Karel
16 Dec 2021

My new recording studio: bring it on! 

Testing one, two…. And yeah, it’s heaven! That crazy ultra soundproof high-end recording studio that I had built is every voice talent’s dream. And I’m not talking about ‘just’ a vocal booth…..NO…I’ve had a whole new space built in my house. It’s a box inside a box, and it’s now my woman cave. This voice over studio was built off-site in modules, and then installed in my home, all in a matter of three days. 

But what is a box inside a box, I hear you thinking…. Quite simply, it is a room within a room, with at least 5 cm of air between the outer walls of the studio and the walls of the house. With a double door and double windows. There’s also a floating floor. Because the box does not make any contact with the house, all external vibrations are eliminated. In addition, it is also triple-walled. 

My new recording studio is super soundproof and super acoustically refined. 

Top that off with eco-friendly materials such as sustainable hemp wool from Portugal. Yes, it’s heaven!

It’s weird how sound works. Sound is like water. It leaks everywhere, through the smallest cracks, but if you have a studio built by people who really ‘understand sound,’ you won’t hear anything anymore. Have you ever been in a place where there is no noise at all? It’s awkward and it took me some time to get used to it. When you close my heavy studio door, you’ll feel a bit of pressure on your ear, and the silence that follows is almost overwhelming.

Think of my studio as an Olympic swimming pool, well… that might be a bit exaggerated in terms of surface. But it is massive water (that is, sound) proof, dead quiet, crystal clear, and I feel as free as a fish in there. I can move, sing, dance, and above all, I can record beautiful voice overs 24/7. It doesn’t get any better. It might even be the best home recording studio in the Netherlands. Needless to say, I’m ready for you! Book me now, and you’ll have top-notch audio in your mailbox within one working day.

Cheers, Barbara