Barbara Karel
16 Dec 2021


Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m an enormous perfectionist. So I bought a new microphone, kind of the icing on the cake of my studio. After the necessary research, it’s shining like crazy in my booth right now because it’s actually gold-colored! It’s a nice detail, but more importantly: it sounds like gold too! Not that my previous microphone (a Neumann TLM 102) wasn’t good enough. On the contrary, that’s a great-sounding mic as well. But after ten years of growing and developing as a voice talent, I was ready for an even more refined instrument.

And that is what my new mic is. The instrument that I play every day.

It’s the same with musicians, I think. By practicing and playing a lot you get better and better. In my case, it involves voicing and ear training. You grow. And when you grow, you want to get more out of  your talent. So you treat yourself to another violin that is made from that very special wood, or a synthesizer with a bigger range.

So, now I have the AKG C414 XLII. A microphone that can be used in a more sophisticated way.

To get the most out of my voice I needed a more layered sound. I wanted more refined, more robust, more complex sound with increased brightness….I wanted everything! And it worked. My new AKG picks up the smallest vibrations and nuances, making the voice overs I produce even more complex. Powerful and clear, or bright and warm at the same time. I can whisper and make a perfectly intelligible voice over. I can laugh like a seagull on a Sunday morning without sounding overpowered. Or I can take you on a wonderful journey to faraway places while you dream away in your bed. For me, this mic is more fun to play with, and my clients will receive audio of a better quality.

With this new mic I take my passion to the max, and I can take you anywhere. So, let me tell your story, like it’s mine.

Check out all my studio details right here.

Wink, Barbara